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Education Facilities in Jamshedpur

Education in Jamshedpur has seen a tremendous growth over the last few years with significant development in schools, colleges, technical and research institutions. The Steel City has always been among the most educated cities of India with a track record of producing great talents. Jamshedpur has universities, colleges and schools that compete with the top in the country. The quality education imparted among the youth has resulted in better and efficient work force with great minds working forth towards making a rising economy of Jamshedpur.

Several educationalists have praised the quality of education in Jamshedpur. Jamshedpur offers good educational facilities for primary, secondary and higher education. Jamshedpur is fast developing as a technical education hub of India which is quite vivid from the number of institutes in Jamshedpur that have emerged in the span of few years. Some of the well known professional institutions include, NIT, XLRI, TMDC and SNTI.

Jamshedpur Schools

Jamshedpur can boast of some schools which are considered at par with the best in the country. Yet there are others which though not so elite and posh, provide sound and quality education and create talented youngsters who succeed in getting through IITs and reputed Medical Colleges. One can come across both government as well as private schools in Jamshedpur. The schools in Jamshedpur are mostly affiliated to either the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). Most of the CBSE and ICSE schools use English as the medium of instruction.

English Medium Schools
  • ADLS Sunshine School
  • Andhra School
  • Baug-e-Jamshed School
  • Blue Bells English School
  • Church School
  • Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Bistupur
  • Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Telco
  • Dayananda Public School
  • DAV School
  • DBMS Career Academy
  • DBMS English School
  • Daffodils School & College
  • Delhi Public School
  • Gurunanak High School
  • Gulmohur High School
  • Hill Top School
  • JH Tarapore School
  • Jamshedpur Public School
  • Kerala Samajam Model School
  • Kerala Public School
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • Little Flower School
  • Loyola School
  • Motilal Nehru Public School
  • Rajendra Vidyalaya
  • Ramkrishna Mission School
  • RVS Academy
  • Sacred Heart Convent School
  • St. Mary's High School
  • Tagore Academy
  • Vidya Jyoti
  • Vig English School
  • Valley View School
Hindi Medium Schools
  • ADL Society High School
  • Bharat Sevashram Sangha
  • DBMS Kadma Girls High School
  • DM Madan Girls High School
  • Guru Govind Vidyalaya
  • Kashidih Boys High School
  • Lady Indrasingh
  • KMPM High School
  • Sakchi Girls High School
  • Shiksha Niketan
  • Sister Nivedita Girls School
  • St. Mary's Hindi Medium School
  • Tube Baridih School

Special Schools in Jamshedpur

Children are, indeed, God's most beautiful creation! Their innocent smiles, curious eyes and friendly ways reach the hearts of everyone. However, all children are not alike, and some have special needs. These children cannot go to an ordinary school; neither can they grow up as ordinary adults. However, their feelings match exactly with the other children; and all they need is understanding, patience and respect. Positive support can help them lead an independent and financially stable life. Unfortunately, the solution is not that simple, with 8 million such children in our country, many of whom still lead lesser lives. The challenge lies in providing adequate facilities for education, training and rehabilitating these special children.

Jamshedpur has come a long way in helping these special children by providing the with special schools that have special facilities for the development of children with special needs, such as soft play areas, sensory rooms, or swimming pools, which are vital for the therapy of certain conditions.

The Centre for Hearing Impaired Children (CHIC) is a non-government organization which was established with the devout intent of making the hearing impaired children self reliant to the maximum extent possible in all spheres of life. CHIC provides learning skills for the all round development of these special children.

The Bal Vihar School provides individualized education, addressing specific needs. It is specially made for the deaf and dumb children; specifically designed, staffed and resourced to provide the appropriate special education for children with additional needs.

School of Hope and the Asha Kiran are specially made for autistic, mentally disabled, learning difficulties, physical disabilities or behavioural problems and for the children with down-syndrome. Student-Teacher ratios are kept low, often 6:1 or lower depending upon the needs of the children.