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Relaxing at Jubilee Park, Jamshedpur

There is nothing more interesting and unique than the culture of Jamshedpur where people from all over the country have come and settled. This is due to the fact that the city has a history of its own which has made some impact on its cultural scenario - a large part of Jamshedpur is inhabited by the families of those educated and sophisticated Indians who work for Tata Steel and Tata Motors. Thus, the culture of Jamshedpur represents the culture of all the states of India in a nutshell. In other words, it is a kind of mixture of the culture of India, as a whole. It is indeed a cosmopolitan city where people are open to embracing new ideas and life style. You can notice the transition in the demography of people in Jamshedpur with the changing lifestyle and the influence of modern ideas in the lives of Jamshedpur-ians.

The cultural diversity and religious unity are the core values of the Indian society. Jamshedpur comes across as a merger of the modern lifestyles as well as the old traditions and values. There are a large number of religions that are practiced in Jamshedpur. In fact, one can say that there is hardly any religion of India that does not find a presence in the steel city. Though Biharis (from erstwhile Bihar) dominate Jamshedpur, it has now developed a number of pockets dominated by other communities also, such as South Indians, Punjabis, Gujaratis, Parsis and Bengalis. There is the sound of the Qawwalis of mosques, Gurbanis of the various gurudwaras, Aartis of the Rankini Mandir and Sunday masses in Churches. At the same time, one can hear the loud and blaring music of high profile parties and Dj nights.

Another beautiful aspect of the culture of Jamshedpur is the numerous fairs and festivals celebrated in the city. This Unity in Diversity can be seen in social and cultural gatherings where people from all communities can be seen on one platform sharing one common view. Be it Holi, Diwali, Id, Guru Purab or Buddha Purnima, you will find the same enthusiasm and bliss among people from different communities. It is this diversity that makes Jamshedpur so lively and colorful.

There is no such thing as typical cuisines of Jamshedpur. This is so because there is no specific identity of the city. With time, people from different areas of India came and settled, making Jamshedpur an assortment of sorts. Slowly and gradually, Jamshedpur assumed some of the aspects of the identity of all the types of people living in it, making multiple identities for itself.

People of Jamshedpur count among the most hospitable ones in India. You will find them very helpful and cheerful, always smiling and eager to help. Coming from different parts of the country as well as the world, they are multi linguistic and multi cultural.

Thus, Jamshedpur portrays a positive kaleidoscope of myriad religions, who dwell in perfect harmony. Apart from having nearly all the world's great religions represented, it also pampers varied creed and beliefs, from all over India and abroad.