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Jamshedpur Urban

Over the past 10 years the urban lifestyle of Jamshedpur has taken a considerable beating with negligible development happening in the city. The city has yet to come up with good shopping malls and Cinema multi-plexes. At the moment there is just one multiplex (the Eyelex) which is situated on the outskirts of the city on the National Highway No.33. Though some malls are under construction for quite some time now, with very slow progress. The lifestyle of people essentially hovers around a limited set of activities such as spending evenings in clubs or at home watching TV. Off course sports enthusiasts and fitness freaks have some avenues for a more healthy and meaningful lifestyle which include the JRD Tata sports complex, a couple of Golf courses, the Talwalkar's Gym, etc. Off late a few good quality spa and saloons have opened up in Bistupur and Sakchi for the people who want to look good and would like to indulge in health treatment.

With Tata Steel not doing much toward the development of the Jamshedpur city, the urbanization is spreading to the peripheral areas of Adityapur and Mango which have grown and developed faster in recent years. With the state government's focus to make Adityapur an important industrial hub, a lot of infrastructural facilities are coming up in the Adityapur region making Adityapur gradually shed its small town status and resulting in a larger urban conglomeration of Jamshedpur and Adityapur.