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Tata Steel Zoological Park

Tata Steel Zoological Park, Jamshedpur

A variety of flora and fauna exists in condition close to their natural habitat at the zoological park. Situated besides the Jubilee Park, it is a great place for all the nature lovers. It has a good variety of flora & fauna and is a place for those who have passion to observe closely the flourishing nature and be with it for sometime. Watching migratory Birds visiting every year during winters is equally enchanting for all the bird lovers. The park also has a beautiful lake and a small boathouse.

Facilities include

  • Parking area for vehicles close to the park entrance
  • Well laid-out pathways for visitors
  • Kiosks & Restaurant for visitors
  • Children play areas and one picnic area
  • Water coolers serving drinking water
  • Rain shelters well spread out in the park
  • Boating facility in the adjoining lake known as Jayanti Sarover
  • Modern enclosures for animals with proper viewing facility
  • Nature Education Centre along with a library for visitors interested in educational inputs

Phone: +91-657-6508011

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