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Gallery of Parks & Lakes in Jamshedpur

Parks and Lakes in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is a city of nice Parks and Lakes. Considering the small population of this industrial city, there are sufficient numbers of small to mid-size parks spread across the entire township providing good avenues for the working class to relax and enjoy their weekends under the sun.

Dorabji Tata Park

The Dorabji Tata park is named after Sir Dorabji Tata, the eldest son of Jamshedji Tata. It is situated in front of the Keenan Stadium in the heart of the city. This park also hosts the annual Jamshedpur Flower Show which is quite popular amongst flower lovers in Jamshedpur.

The Dorabji Tata park offers a cool and calm ambience. It is well maintained and enriched with flowering plants, green plants and imposing fountains with illuminations. Families frolic the park in the evenings for a stroll around or simply sit there for hours spending some time in relaxation after a busy day.

Jubilee Park

The Jubilee Park is situated at the heart of the city. This lush green park is spread over an area of 238 acres and is dotted with flower beds and illuminated fountains. The focal point of the jubilee park is the beautiful garden area with water beds and fountains. The park also has a beautiful rose garden, which houses over 1000 variety of roses. The park also houses a lake, a zoo, laser show and an amusement park.

The park bustles with joggers and walkers in the morning hours. In the evening hours families visit the park in large numbers to enjoy the flora and fauna and relax. During the winter season, the park becomes a ground for picnickers.

Musical Fountain and Laser Show

The musical fountain and laser show at the Jubilee Park was setup in 2004. The first of its kind in India, it was inspired by the one at Sentosa Island, Singapore.

The fountain covers an area of about two acres with a sitting arrangement of about 1000 people who can watch the 30 minute exquisite laser show of multi-coloured laser lights and fountains dancing with the music.

Jubilee Nicco Amusement Park

This amusement park is a special gift to the children of Jamshedpur and provides entertainment that was earlier the privilege of metro cities only. Even adults can enjoy the various rides and fun. Rides like whirling in the wind, dashing cars, rolling till the moon, derby riding, caterpillar ride and a 75-meter slide can be enjoyed. One can also go boating in the man-made lake at the amusement park.
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Children's Park within Jubilee Park

Situated within the Jubilee Park, this is a favourite play spot for small kids. Cotton candy, popcorn, peanuts and ice cream from street vendors add to its attraction for kids. The park also has swings, slides, a jungle gym and also a skating rink. The Children's Park offers wonderful time for children.

Bhetiya Park

Bhetiya Park is a marvellous park located on the banks of the Kharkai river in Shastri Nagar. The park is well maintained and well laid out with many facilities for enjoying a pleasant evening. Shaded trees and flowering plants add to the beauty of the garden. Vast expanse of green lawns are inviting for the children. It is an ideal spot to have relaxed moments. The park is well maintained and well laid out with many facilities.

Dimna Lake

An artificial lake constructed by Tata steel – the Dimna Lake is situated at the foot hills of Dalma range. This lake serves as the water reservoir for the city and is the main source of drinking water. The lake is an ideal spot for boating and other water sports activities. The required facilities for jet skiing and rowing are also arranged in this serene lake. The picturesque surroundings and the lush green trees providing cool shades make it a perfect spot for picnic tours. Nearby garden offers relaxing moments for visitors and offer exciting field for kids to enjoy the playing activities. This is a favourite picnic site for Jamshedpur families. Lake House of Dimna is at the bank of the lake. The view is absolutely breathtaking. Rooms are allotted with the permission from Tata Steel.

Hudco Lake

Far from the hustle-bustle of city life, the calm and pleasant ambience of the Hudco Lake relieves the locals from the stress and strains of routine life. Hudco Lake is is located in a hilly landscape of Telco Colony in Jamshedpur and is thronged by visitors especially during the summer season.

It is a beautiful park and a picnic spot with an artificial waterfall and a man-made lake, providing a panoramic view of the surrounding areas and is an ideal place to rejuvenate. The high hills of the area provide breath taking view of the exotic landscape of Jamshedpur. The Hudco Lake is an ideal place to spend some time with family and friends. Surrounded by exotic hill ranges and luxuriant green fields, Hudco Lake offers the tourists with a unique opportunity to enjoy the heavenly bliss of mother nature. Boating facility is also available.