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Places of Worship

Places of Worship in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is a cosmopolitan city which is inhabited by people of all religions. There are several temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches in Jamshedpur.
Some of the popular places of worship are mentioned in this slide show.

Rankini Mandir

Rankini Mandir is located in the Kadma area. Rankini Mandir is an old Hindu temple in the dedicated to the Goddess Rankini. Though located amidst the busy Sakchi-Kadma road this temple is a sacred pilgrimage spot and one of the popular tourist destinations in the city.

Bhuvaneshwari Mandir

Bhuvaneshwari mandir is one of the most famous temples of Jamshedpur. The temple is located in Telco, at the top of a small hill amidst scenic surroundings. It offers a beautiful view of the steel city. The temple premises add a serene and spiritual touch to the surroundings.
This temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneswari, the universal mother and ruler of the Universe (Bhuvanam means Universe and Easwari means Ruler). She has four hands, two of which bless the devotees while the other two holds the noose to draw the devotee closer to her and angusam to rid the devotee of their sufferings. The ambience of the temple is inviting for spiritual concentration and meditation. The unpolluted air in the hills offers nice time for rejuvenation.

Gol Pahari Mandir

Situated just outside the city, Gol Pahari is famous for the Pahari Mandir, where Pahari Maa is the reigning deity. The temple (mandir) is built on a hill near the Tatanagar Railway Station. An annual festival is organised at the Railway Loco Colony to worship Pahari Maa.

Parsee Fire Temple

The Parsee Fire Temple in Jamshedpur was installed in the year 1960 and is situated at one corner of the Jubilee Park with lovely flowering bushes, creeps, rose and seasonal plants. It is here where the Parsees worship the holy fire.

This Parsee temple was built on 3rd March, the birthday of Jamshedji Tata. The fire has an interesting history. It has been burning in the Cursetjee Manockjee Shroff Agairy of the khades Parsee in Bombay since 1790. The trustee of the agairy, who had fallen on lean days was finding it difficult to keep the holy fire burning and approached the Parsees of Jamshedpur to establish the Cursetjee Manockjee Shroff Agairy here. The offer was accepted and the setting up of the agiary fulfilled the long cherished dream of the Parsees of Jamshedpur to have their place of worship in the Steel city.

Gurudwara Sahib

Among the Gurudwaras, the most respected and visited is the Gurudwara Sahib located in Sakchi. The Gurudwara is brimming with people at any part of the day. The pure white structure of the Gurudwara imparts a sense of peace and serenity.

There is also the Bistupur Gurudwara Sahib that is always full of people belonging to all religions.

Apart from these there is the Telco Gurudwara Sahib and the Sonari Gurudwara Sahib that are considered sacrosanct by the Sikhs.

Bistupur Gurudwara

During the times of the early Gurus, Sikh places of worship were referred to as dharamshalas. They were a place where Sikhs could gather to hear the Guru speak or sing hymns. As the Sikh population continued to grow Guru Hargobind introduced the word Gurdwara, meaning the gateway through which the Guru could be reached. Thereafter all Sikh places of worship came to be known as Gurdwaras. Though there is no historical gurudwara in Jamshedpur, yet their beautifully laid out structure attracts a large number of people of all communities.

Mosques in Jamshedpur

Among the mosques of the steel city the most magnificent is the Sakchi Masjid. The dominating white stone building talks a length about the grandeurs of the mighty Mughal. The multi-domed structure with sky kissing minarets is free for visitors apart from prayer times.

Then comes Kadma Masjid in kadma which is truly a piece of art.

St Joseph's Church
St. Mary's Church

St. Mary Church located in the heart of Bistupur is one of the most visited churches of Jamshedpur. It is the oldest church in Jamshedpur. Hundreds of devotees visit the shrine. Though simple in structure, the interior of the Church has some exquisite art adorations.

The Beldih Church

The Beldih Church is located inside the Beldih Church school. The church has an impressive architecture with wide Gothic arches and beautiful stained-glass windows.

Budhist Temple - Also known as Bodhi Temple
Bharat Sevashram