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Rural Fabric

Jamshedpur Urban

The rural society in and around Jamshedpur comprises of less literate people engaged in day to day menial jobs. The literacy rate in the city, including the nearby rural areas, stands at about 67%. People living in the nearby rural areas migrate to the city on a daily basis in search of their daily bread. These are the people who engage in activities that make life easier and comfortable for the urban rich. Some directly work in the homes, local factories and construction sites as unskilled or semi-skilled labourers. Others bring in fruits, vegetables and fish produced in their own villages and sell in the urban markets.

The rural society of Jamshedpur essentially comprise of peace loving, by-and-large honest and simple people. The local adivasis are very trust worthy and a large percentage of them are free from the influence of today's money oriented selfish mentality. In short, Jamshedpur has a cultured rural fabric.